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A gift for our poets.....

Back in December, I blogged about the super-duper poetry written in school to celebrate diversity.

Today, we have taken delivery of a stunning collection of poetry anthologies which have been gifted to us by Primary League Stars because we were one of the first schools to enter.

There are some firm favourites in the collection, such as Kes Gray - currently on display in the KS1 corridor - and one illustrated by the very brilliant Chris Riddell but also some exciting new poets including School Poems and an anthology of classics which includes one of Mrs Fenton's all-time favourites, Jabberwocky.

Miss Newbold has decided to keep the gorgeous collection together and each class will have them to enjoy for a week in the first instance.

Thank you to Miss Worthington for the idea and to Premier League Primary Stars for the lovely gift.

Well done children for earning them with your brilliant poetry.

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