• swintonfitzwilliam

Cuddle up with a spooky book this Hallowe'en....... if you dare!!!!

Mrs Fenton thought it might be a good idea to create a display of all her scare-tastic books in case anyone in KS2 was brave enough to take one home to enjoy during the Hallowe'en season.

This morning, it seems Mrs Taylor has caught the scary book bug too: she has really gone to town with the accessories!

There are a couple of graphic novels on there including The Hound of the Baskervilles which is a super-exciting read for any dog-lovers amongst us!

Room 13 is set in Whitby on a school residential. If any Y6 pupils are brave enough to read it, they might be very glad we are bound for Kingswood and not Whitby!!!!

Read if you dare!!!

And please, please bring them back at the end: some are school books and many are from Mrs Fenton's own collection.

And be sure to come and chat to Mrs Fenton about which book you are reading.