• swintonfitzwilliam

A very unusual delivery from the air this Christmas!

Today, the KS2 teachers and pupil were thrilled to watch the delivery and installation of the temporary classrooms on our school field.

These classrooms will be home to the remaining Kilnhurst pupils after Christmas so that they can all be together at long last.

The crane was absolutely enormous and I think more than one or two pupils now have career aspirations!

We were all surprised to learn that the classrooms come in "slices" which are then lifted in and assembled. Even more bizarrely, the light fittings, smoke alarm and radiators are already in situ in the "slices".

It was so exciting to watch; we are sure our friends from Kilnhurst will be happy there while their lovely school is repaired.

And no, we can't keep the classrooms once Kilnhurst have returned to their own school. We tried though!