• swintonfitzwilliam

Puffins - noises, facts, drawing and a story called Puffin Peter.

This blog post was inspired by an amazing tweet of the sound that puffins make:


Mrs Fenton has a soft spot for puffins because when she was at junior school she stayed in a dormitory called Puffins on residential in Robin Hoods Bay. We didn't hear these kinds of noises, though!

The film below will tell you more about these brilliant birds - masters of land, air and sea.

Follow the link below for 10 facts to read on Nat Geo Kids - all I am saying is "pufflings"!!!!!


Inspired? Why not draw your own puffin? The film below can help; send me photographs of your art and I will blog them.

By now, you have heard their cute noises, watched a film, done some reading and done some drawing. Why not sit back and enjoy a story?