• swintonfitzwilliam

VE Day - 75th anniversary on Friday 7th May

Had we been in school, there would have been assemblies and learning all about this historic date which marks the 75th anniversary of the end of Word War II in Europe.

Maybe you can learn about VE day on this blog post, learn the song, make your own bunting and enjoy a VE Day party in your garden??

Let Newsround explain the significance of VE Day:


We'll Meet Again (link below) is a famous song that touched the hearts of many during World War II. Expect to hear it on TV on Friday. Why not learn it so you can join in with Vera Lynn and the rest of Europe?

In terms of decoration, Union Jack flags would have been for sale everywhere. Why not save some money and get creative? This simple film shows you how to draw and colour your own...use paper to make bunting or even decorate paper plates and cups if you have them...

To the servicemen and women of World War II, thank you.