• swintonfitzwilliam

Logan's made a rocket launcher. Could you?

Unbelievably, at the same time as Mrs Fenton was learning about diamond rain on Uranus and Neptune, Logan and his Mum were busy building their own rocket launcher!

"We went on the science museum website to learn and found resources for making things. Logan was been learning about air pressure. We made different sized rockets to see which went higher. The big ones went higher. All you need is a plastic bottle, and some paper to make a cone (rocket). Put on the top of the bottle and squeeze with both hands to launch. It makes you jump and laugh."

What a coincidence that is!

The important question is - could we build a rocket to nip to Neptune and gather some diamonds???

Logan and his Mum have also enjoyed looking at YOUR pictures on the blog with a special mention for Charley's poem and Harrison and Oliver's smile messages!

Keep them coming!