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A new book by J K Rowling - The Ickabog

Look what Mrs Wynn has sent a link for!

We are huge fans of J K Rowling' Harry Potter books so this is VERY exciting and it is FREE.

J K Rowling wrote this story years ago but has recently got it out again.

She is releasing a chapter or two each day until 10th July.

Copy and paste the link below and you will see the first few chapters have already been released.


The ridiculous King Fred the Fearless reminds Mrs Fenton of the silly emperor in The Emperor's New Clothes and also of a young King Henry VIII with his fondness for hunting and lavish banquets.

Perhaps the Ickabog itself will be like Lewis Carroll's Jabberwock? I can't wait to find out. Watch a reading of Jabberwocky below.

As you read each chapter, think about how they are similar to other books you have read and the characters within them.



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