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Maths around school this week

We love Maths at Fitzwilliam. Here is some of the excellent learning from this week.

In Year 1, the pupils have been using the part-part-whole model to understand how any number can be made up of the sum of different numbers which actually helps a lot in addition and subtraction.

In Year 2, the pupils have also used the part-part-whole model as well as manipulatives to investigate how partitioning numbers into different amounts can help with addition - even when the numbers increase.

In Y3/4, the part-part-whole models and manipulatives are joined by abstract representations (diagrams/drawings) to accompany formal column addition involving 3-digit numbers.

Finally, up in Y5/6, we can see that the understanding is so firmly embedded that pupils just use column addition with a full understanding of the place value behind it.

And then Miss Carr adds even more challenge....