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"Meet"ing with Jennifer Killick

We have just met one of our heroes!

KS2 and Mrs Fenton have been enjoying Jennifer Killick's Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink via Google Meet since September.

Today, alongside Governor Dave Lennox, we enjoyed a Meet with Jennifer herself.

She read to us - did you notice her copy was an uncorrected proof, children - we played a game involving trumping just like Alex Sparrow's ear and then we asked her some questions.

The last lie that Jennifer told was to protect Daisy - her puppy - who has chewed the remote control! Clearly Daisy has not been blueberried in the PALS suite.

Jennifer's first book took six and a half years to write!!!! That is a lot of Critique sessions, Fitzwilliam!

All Jennifer's books have something to do with cherries in them.

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