• swintonfitzwilliam

Podkin One-Ear by Kieran Larwood..... and Miss Needham!

Look what the very clever Miss Needham has made for Mrs Fenton!

The Podkin One-Ear trilogy is a great favourite of Mrs Fenton - and Miss Newbold - and Mrs Fenton has often coveted Podkins that she has seen crafted from needle-felt.

And now, thanks to Miss Neeham, she has her own!

Here he is.

Let me show you why Mrs Fenton loves Podkin so much by sharing the extract available on Google Books.

Here is the front cover which shows Podkin and his sister and brother, Paz and Pook.

The book starts with a map - as all the best books do.

And here comes the extract.

Miss Newbold has book one and Mrs Fenton has books two and three. Please email school if you would like to borrow our copies: enquiries@sfp.wwpat.org