• swintonfitzwilliam

The House At the Edge Of Magic by Amy Sparkes

I have literally just finished this book and have jumped on here to share it with you.

Nine - the main character - reminds me of Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger while the house is waaaaay more magic than Hogwarts.

I loved this book. It is just over 200 pages so not the longest in my collection but I think it may well be the most magical!

Nine is brave and brilliant, Flabberghast is a bit of a wally and everyone needs an Eric in their home. But perhaps not a library like the one in this house: thank goodness my books don't behave like that!!!!

See for yourself. I know many of you will want to read this book and I am - as always - happy to loan out my copy. Just email school and we can sort it out - enquiries@sfp.wwpat.org.

Here is the sample from Amazon - that I have had to screenshot as I couldn't embed it in this post.