• swintonfitzwilliam

The pumpkins have arrived! But why?

As part of our Covid-safe Hallowe'en, each class will carve/decorate a pumpkin on Thursday.

Today saw 12 giant pumpkins travel from the supermarket to Fitzwilliam.

The competition is hotting up in KS2 with Ms Sharp determined that Birch class will win while Miss Needham is not saying a word about the Oak class pumpkin.

Do you know why we carve pumpkins at Hallowe'en? When Mrs Fenton was a little girl, it used to be a turnip rather than a pumpkin.

I should think that turnip-tossing would be quite a bit easier than pumpkin-tossing!!

I wonder if you and your neighbours could try tossing your carved pumpkins after Hallowe'en - socially distanced, of course - and cleaning up at the end.