Swinton Fitzwilliam Primary School


Mrs L Albutt  - SMSA

Miss G Birkbeck - HLTA

Mrs M Blunn - SMSA

Miss C Carr - Assistant Headteacher

Miss H Crouch - Y1/Y2 Teacher

Miss P Davis - SMSA

Mrs M Duffield - SMSA

Mr P Cotton - Headteacher

Mrs C Fisher - Strategic Teaching and Learning Lead and Year 1/2 Teacher

Ms B Flannery - Cleaner

Mrs T Flute - SMSA

Miss S Froggatt - SMSA and Cleaner

Mr R Gill - Caretaker

Mrs L Hadley - SMSA

Mrs A Henderson - Teaching Assistant

Miss J Holden - EYFS Teacher

Mr L Holmshaw - HLTA Sports Coach

Miss B Ibbeson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs F Kerry - EYFS Teacher

Mrs S Law - HLTA

Mrs L Mills - Cleaner

Miss N Neal - HLTA

Miss E Needham - Year 5/6 Teacher

Miss S Newbold - Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs S Newton - SMSA

Mrs H Nield - School Administrator

Mrs J Paulin - Administration Assistant

Miss D Purser - Teaching Assistant

Mrs W Robinson - SMSA

Mrs C Rodgers - Relief SMSA

Ms E Sharp - Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs D Shaw - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Smith - Y1/2 Teacher and SENDCo

Mrs S Stables - Teaching Assistant

Miss M Stead - SMSA

Mrs J Taylor - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Todd - Teaching Assistant

Miss J Watts - EYFS Teacher

Mrs D Wing - Inclusion Co-Ordinator and Designated Teacher for LAC and PLAC

Miss M Worthington - Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs K Wynn - Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs R Yardy - Pianist