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Swinton Fitzwilliam Primary School

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Behaviour and Relationships

At Swinton Fitzwilliam Primary School, our mission is to provide a safe, happy and inspiring environment for all learners. Teaching our children how to behave appropriately, by setting clear and high expectations of behaviour, modelling and rewarding excellent behaviour is extremely important. 

Behaviour and Relationships Policy (link).



We expect that all members of staff will…


  • Show kindness to all within our school community.
  • Constantly assess the safety and wellbeing of all our learners.
  • Recognise and reward those who behave well and have good attitudes to learning and each other.
  • Model to, explain and help our learners to behave well.
  • Support and encourage learners to improve their behaviour and to uphold our school values.
  • Invite learners into their calm, rather than joining in their chaos.
  • Challenge those who do not uphold our school values.
  • Investigate thoroughly and listen to all involved when things go wrong.
  • Communicate clearly and appropriately with parents and carers.
  • Provide equal challenge and support.
  • Put in place actions that improve behaviour and help to prevent future negative behaviours.



We expect that our learners will…


  • Show kindness to all within our school community.
  • Follow instructions given by adults. These instructions are to keep everyone safe.
  • Show pride in our school and represent the school well.
  • Tell adults when something is wrong, or show socially acceptable behaviours where they are unable to communicate clearly.
  • Be responsible for your actions and be honest when things go wrong.
  • Reflect when things go wrong and be part of the plan to put things right.
  • Challenge others in a respectful and responsible way when things go wrong.


Whilst the vast majority of children can meet these expectations, we show flexibility in the interests of supporting learners who may struggle to meet these expectations.

We expect that parents, carers and family members will…


  • Show kindness to all within our school community.
  • Support school in our efforts to maintain excellent behaviour.
  • When things go wrong, be part of the plan to put it right.
  • Challenge us if you think we could do better or change our practice in a private forum away from children.
  • Share grievances or concerns with school staff before approaching other families where this might cause conflict.

Role of governors

The governors play a key role in influencing the ethos of the school. This influence carries with it a responsibility to support the Head Teacher and staff in monitoring high standards of behaviour and discipline.

Role of Head Teacher

  • To promote excellent standards of behaviour and promote and uphold the values of the school.
  • Encourage good behaviour and respect for others.
  • To determine policy in conjunction with Governors and staff and to let that policy be known in the school community
  • To create the conditions for establishing the widest possible measure of agreement on those standards and how they will be achieved
  • Ensure that these standards are consistently and fairly applied throughout the school.
  • The Head Teacher has the responsibility of giving fixed-term exclusions to individual children for serious acts of misbehaviour. For repeated or very serious acts of anti-social behaviour, the Head Teacher may permanently exclude a pupil. Both these actions are reported to the school governors immediately.

Promoting Excellent Behaviour


  • Model high standards of behaviour and attitudes towards all in the school community.
  • Build strong relationships with all, based on mutual respect.
  • Set high expectations of behaviour which challenge and support learners.
  • Use positive behaviour management strategies to catch children in, not out.
  • Constantly reflect on our practice and attitudes towards behaviour management.


Praise and rewards are always given with a clear expectation of the positive behaviour we want to encourage and celebrate. The explanation given will always refer to one of our school values.

What we do when things wrong?

Any action we take to address negative behaviour is designed to: