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Religious Education


‘We need to talk about Religious Education’ - Dr Richard Kueh.

It is every pupil's entitlement to have  access to the key concepts underpinning religions and beliefs, whether they are part of that tradition or not. Religious Education (RE) is the study of religions and beliefs and it stands in the curriculum as a set of ideas and practices which have shaped and continue to shape our world therefore helping our  pupils to understand important things about the world and themselves. 

RE teaching will contribute to the spiritual, social, moral and cultural development of pupils and supports a wider  community cohesion. It is an opportunity for children to understand the world views that  religions propagate and to deconstruct these before they build a world view of their own. 

key concepts

It is a legal requirement for pupils to have opportunities to learn about the principal religions in the UK while they are at school. We therefore aim to teach about Christianity and Judaism in Key Stage One and Christianity, Islam and Hinduism in Key Stage Two. As part of an inclusive RE Syllabus we will also study a non religion - Humanism.

Alongside the substantive knowledge we aim to develop disciplinary skills such as: 

  • Discovering a range of religions and worldviews by varied experience such as exploring religious artefacts and art or visits to places of worship.
  • Developing their own views: reflecting on and expressing their own ideas and the ideas of others with increasing knowledge, creativity and clarity; 
  • Being reasonable about religions: becoming increasingly able to be reasonable in their responses to religions and world views, using their skills of rationality and argument.

We use the agreed syllabus for Religious Education in Rotherham to plan our RE schemes of work.