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TT Rock Stars

At Swinton Fitzwilliam, we use TT Rock Stars to help your child to learn their times tables and to consolidate their learning and recall speed of times tables. When it comes to times tables, speed AND accuracy are important – the more facts your child remembers, the easier it is for them to do harder calculations.


Each Friday, a leaderboard is published to celebrate the success of children in each year group.

Logging in

  1. Type play.ttrockstars.com into your browser’s address bar or use the link in the pupil section on our school website.

  2. Click Login! > School > Student.

  3. Enter the School Name.

  4. Enter your child’s username and password



There are five areas which your child can access at home to earn more coins so they can spend them on upgrading their own personalised avatar.

Single Player



Earn up to 10 coins per correct answer!


Practice the time tables you have been practising in class to help improve your speed. (Includes division)

After a few games, the TT Rock Star software engine starts to work out which number facts your child is not secure with and helps them to improve these.

TT Rock Stars recommend that pupils play 3 times (a total of 3 minutes) in the Garage every day. It's up to you whether to play rock music while they practice :)




Earn 1 coin per correct answer!

Improve your speed.

Practice a mixture of all times tables including division facts.

The TT Rock Star engine works out your mean score over the last 10 games in the Studio and it's your speed in the Studio that determines your rock status. The more questions on average that you answer correctly in a minute, the higher your status.

≤ 1 sec/qu = Rock Hero

≤ 2 secs/qu = Rock Legend

≤ 3 secs/qu = Rock Star

≤ 4 secs/qu = Headliner

≤ 5 secs/qu = Support Act

≤ 6 secs/qu = Breakthrough Artist

≤ 7 secs/qu = Unsigned Act

≤ 8 secs/qu = Gigger

≤ 9 secs/qu = Busker

≤ 10 secs/qu = Garage Rocker

>10 secs/qu = Wannabe


When you play Soundcheck, you get 20 questions each with a 5-second time limit. The questions are multiplication only and evenly weighted in terms of difficulty each time you play. Players earn 5 coins per correct answer. This is the area we recommend for those children in Y3/4 preparing for the Multiplication Check.





Earn 1 coin per correct answer!

Compete with your classmates

The Arena, like the Garage, is for practising the times tables that you have been practising in class. The difference is that it's a multiplayer game for pupils to perform with other bandmates! Pupils join a game at the same time and compete to see who can answer the most questions.

This is probably the most addictive game mode. You'll have to figure out how to stop them!




Earn 1 coin per correct answer!

Compete with people from around the world.

Practice a mixture of all times tables including division facts.

A new Festival game starts every 15 seconds


If you click on your avatar icon in the top right of the screen and then click ‘Stats’, a heatmap will load. It shows how successful your child is at each of the facts.